*Set up outdoor encounters with our 28mm settlement terrain  *no glue needed -

*With our pillar system you can easily set up custom dungeons, large buildings and labyrinths for players to wander around in *no glue needed -

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Hi everyone,I'm sorry I've not put it out clearly, but I am limited within the options I have on the website.Since production is not possible at the moment, I won't be able to take new orders.If you are still interested in the products, please contact me via the contact form. Thank you,Kevin..
Hi Guys,My apologies for the long silence and lack of updates.A lot has happened at the end of 2016; I am currently unable to run any productions, so I had to disable the function to place any orders.I've also been flying back to the Netherlands frequently because my mother has become ill.Unfortunately the way things are looking at the moment I am unable to say when I will be able to take new orders again.I'm sorry...
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Brexit and the rate of the British Pound
Hi Guys,I just realized something; if the value of the British Pound keeps dropping people from the EU and US (and probably other countries as well), the prices of Direbadger products will drop as well. Since my costs mostly are bound to the Pound I suggest that if you are planning to buy some of my terrain, this could potentially offer you a nice discount.So besides the worries I have regarding Brexit, this could still be a nice opportunity for you guys.Estimated rate article here:>> Link <<..
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[RELEASED] Roads, Scaffolding and Boxes
Hi everyone!The roads and scaffolding have been released. I have also dug up the old baseplate box people got with the Kickstarter in 2014 and re-released the Dungeon storage box.Storage boxesBaseplate Box Small Dungeon BoxNew Releases:Scaffolding RoadsBrick Road 3 by 9 (Half Baseplate)       Brick Road 3 by 3 (Quarter Baseplate)Small items meant to make bigger things, I hope you guys will enjoy!All the best,Kevin..
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