Bridges are more then a place for a troll to harass people, try and cross a river with a coach without one. 

The Bridge and river set is fully compatible with the Direbadger Baseplate system. River pieces connect to Baseplates with the normal peanuts, and the bridge locks in place over it. River sets are fully engraved pieces with 3 dimensional textures.  The movement square system is continued on the bridge making it not only a decorative but also usable add-on. Acting as a nice bottleneck for characters afraid to let their feet get wet. 

The river set contains;

    3 river pieces (3 x 6 sq)

    1 Bridge (2 x 5 sq)

(Baseplates and peanuts not included)

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River set

  • Product Code: DB-A-RS1
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • £17.59