About Us

The history of Direbadger

In April of 2014 Sep and Kevin started to prototype and work on a tile-based lasercut terrain system with the intention to deliver affordable, easy to use quality terrain. Direbadger was founded in September 2014 and shortly after their first Kickstarter was launched. Their Kickstarter was successfully funded and completed by the end of May 2015.

In November 2015 Sep and Kevin parted ways and the intellectual property of Direbadger is now solely owned by Kevin.



Hi I am Kevin, a nerd with a passion for making tabletop terrain.
After the split in 2015 I have packed a suitcase and moved to the UK with the intention to set up production there.

Production has now been set up and I am looking to upgrade from my suitcase.

What do I make?

Direbadger makes dungeon terrain and other accessories to increase the immersion for roleplaying games. Almost everything is cut from 4mm thick FSC certified MDF wood and can be assembled without the use of glue. I prototype idea’s until I am happy with the results, and the criteria for sturdy, appealing and usable products are met.The only other material I currently use is plastic for the dungeon pillars (to lock the walls in place), which is produced by my old local supplier in the Netherlands.

Why I do it?

I’ve always wanted to create a world other people could enjoy and I am doing just that right now. To actually create objects to build up a world, somewhat physically, is amazing to do!

Besides, I very much enjoy what I do and hope that other people may enjoy Direbadgers products as much as I enjoy making them.