River set

Bridges are more then a place for a troll to harass people, try and cross a river with a coach without one. The Bridge and river set is fully compatible with the Direbadger Baseplate system. River pieces connect to Baseplates with the normal peanuts, and the bridge locks in place over it. River sets are fully engraved pieces with 3 dimensional textures.  The movement square system is continued on the bridge making it not only a decorative but also usable add-on. Acting as a nice bottle..


Wooden Scaffolding

Need to paint the the castle, raise an area or bridge a gap? This might be useful.The Wooden Scaffolding set includes:16 x 1 inch squares to cover the tops of the scaffolding or to bridge between them.8 x Stack-able scaffolding pieces...


Market add-on

The smell of fresh bread, fruit and weapon oil, is there anything better? If you see any market stalls with best quality produce (ridiculously priced) you know some adventurers are near. The market set gives your town that extra bit of liveliness, it's also a great way to give one of your houses a different look because of the store front wall. Add a couple of market stalls and produce displays and your settlement changes into a festive place full with merchants, travellers and merchandise...


Furniture set

Tired of books on the floor, is that rock floor a tad hard to sleep on?  Add some furniture, it even keeps the echo out of your house*. *Disclaimer: may not keep the echo out of your houseFurniture, use it to stand on, push it into a barricade or check behind it to check for hidden doors. Wizard towers without many bookcases, banquets without tables, second floors without stairs, awkward, just awkward. Very sturdy, you can easily put your miniatures on them. A set of furniture con..


Small baseplate box

By request, I have put this box up for sale.This box was a Kickstarter reward in 2014.This box helps you sort and store your baseplates.Just like the Dungeon box these boxes are stackable.*The box is sent flatpack and need to be assembled and glued.** Currently there are no new photo's available so they are in the making...


Brick Road 3 by 9

Spice up towns and road side encounters with the Brick Road:Contains:3 x 3 by 9 square Brick Road16 peanuts to fit with the roads...


Brick Road 3 by 3

Spice up towns and road side encounters with the Brick Road:Contains:6 x 3 by 3 square Brick Road16 peanuts to fit with the roads.2 double printed peanuts to fit with the roads..


Large pine tree set

The sour smell of pine trees , only the subtle crunch of dry pine needles and the quietness of birds. That's when you know an ambush is near. Pine trees are a goblins friend, and an adventurers foe. They go great in gardens too. Trees can give your encounter some tactical cover, and bushes are great difficult terrain. The Pine tree is a High narrow tree, combined with some other trees players will feel like they are in the middle of a forest. A pine tree looks great next to a house as well,..


Camping add-on

"I'll take first watch." Fails his spot check. Many encounters take place when camping. Darkness, sleeping characters and the benefit of a surprise attack are just too juicy for some DM's to resist. With a camping set you can clearly see where the fire is and who you can bull rush on it. With the tents you can chase each other around and if you add some trees and bushes the picture is complete. The camping set contains;   1 camp fire  2 tents *Does not come with bas..


Apple tree set

Trees are a vital part of the forest, without them it would just be .. well it wouldn't be a forest at all now, would it. Trees and bushes are a great way to find cover, ambush a goblin or find a snack. Trees can give the encounter some tactical cover, and bushes are great difficult terrain. The apple tree is a wide low tree, combined with some other trees players will feel like they are in the middle of a forest. The apple tree looks great next to a house as well, who wouldn't want one of ..


Wooden fences

They Keep the cows and horses in, they keep the dingo's out. You can even mark your territory with them. Is there anything a good fence wont do? A set of fences contains 18 wooden fences and are easily placed and removed from our Direbadger baseplate system. (Baseplate not iincluded)..



Gravestone markers; Need to bury someone/something treasured? Or need to raise some?This set contains 20 engraved* and 10 blank gravestones.Includes:30 Gravestones*Engraved with the personal messages of our Earlybird backers on our 2014 Kickstarter (Baseplates and miniature not included)..


Farmers cart

The farmers cart can be used for decoration or as a prop for a caravan or party taking a cart along on their journey.(Baseplate not included)..


Hanging Lanterns

Want to light an occult temple, or a cosy garden? A couple of hanging lanterns and you're done. The lantern set is not only for decorative purpose, use them to play shadow games and to give players a good view of darker and lighter places on the playing field. A set of hanging lanterns contains; 10 hanging lanterns..



A set of benches contains;     4 benches(pillars, walls and baseplate not included)..


Town well

That ol' well, it has been dry for years, nobody even looks at it twice any more. Some people say they hear sounds from it at night but that's just something to keep the kids indoors after dark.A Town well is a nice centrepiece for your town, but also a great entry point for a long forgotten dungeon. This is a terrain feature that could be placed anywhere because it doesn't need to be locked in the baseplate, making it also usable as wargame terrain. This set contains:1 x Town well..



Afraid of the dark? Wouldn't you rather see who's walking towards you in the middle of the night? Well, maybe you wouldn't, but many people feel safer if a town is properly lighted. Use lampposts to indicate which squares are lighter then others. Add a movement game to your sessions for sneaky characters to keep in the shadows, or let them plan an ambush when no one can see their target. A set of lampposts contains; 10 lampposts..


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