The smell of fresh bread, fruit and weapon oil, is there anything better? If you see any market stalls with best quality produce (ridiculously priced) you know some adventurers are near. 

The market set gives your town that extra bit of liveliness, it's also a great way to give one of your houses a different look because of the store front wall. Add a couple of market stalls and produce displays and your settlement changes into a festive place full with merchants, travellers and merchandise. 

The Market Add-on contains;

    1 settlement house wall with a door and sign on the side (instead of the front) 

    2 Market stalls

    3 Display tables

    5 Produce displays

*Does not come with a complete house or b\aseplates

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Market add-on

  • Product Code: DB-A-MS1
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • £10.39