Good News!

Hi guys,

good news! I am happy to say that I've found a company that will produce the terrain and can/will help me with a few other things I am unable to do at this point.

I fully intend to buy a new laser cutter as soon as I am able to afford one, but in the mean time I'll have to make do with designing and testing in 3D, before I am able to actually hold a physical prototype. (see attached image, 3D prototype log hut).

Currently I am adjusting all the existing products so they can be produced more efficiently and would fit future packaging. Also, I'm making adjustment's where I found that the item has a weakness (like the middle wall of the blacksmith house).

Since I am bound to the English Pound now, prices might end up a little higher then what you are used too. The upcoming weeks to the re-opening of the webshop I'll be doing some number crunching and hope to keep the prices similar or otherwise be able to offset the price difference by lowering the shipping costs.

I hope to be able to re-open the webshop in a month's time and with it I hope to release some new products too.
Products will remain 4mm thick MDF like the original and I hope to combine it with 3.2mm as well; think about making the furniture a little bit less chunky and use it for indoor details... It would make it easier to design more detailed buildings, like an Inn for example.

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Heinrich On 15.03.2016
Me too. Hope UK remains in the EU. Wouldn't want to pay taxes... Reply to this comment
Emmanuel Roy On 10.03.2016
That's good news, very good news, I look forward to seeing the new releases already ! Reply to this comment
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