Re-opened! Free-Shipping at €100+ / £80,-

Come in! 

Grab a chair and have a brew!

The Re-opening, free shipping and the release of the new Inn, Log Hut and Diagonal Walls.

The Direbadger webshop is open for business once more. It's quite exciting and scary to re-open the store after such a long time. You might notice that some of the items are offline, this is because they are difficult to produce at the moment. Once I have sorted some things out I will put them back online.

The Inn, Log Hut and Diagonal Walls will be released this week.
I am thinking about releasing some custom furniture to go with the Inn. Like a bar, some other beds and some drinking tables (the spiral stairs are included).

About the pricing; like I mentioned before I had to raise the prices. However to offset this while I get things sorted I have offered free shipping for all purchase of €100,- and up.

4 Comments To "Re-opened! Free-Shipping at €100+ / £80,-"

Joakim Ström On 15.04.2016
Hey! Great to see you trading again! Now I might upgrade that dungeon. /J Reply to this comment
Direbadger On 15.04.2016
Happy I am and happy to provide the upgrade :).
Tommy On 12.04.2016
Looks great, I can't wait, the diagonal walls will be a great addition to what I have, the inn is awsome, keep me posted on the release date Reply to this comment
Direbadger On 12.04.2016
Thank you :). I'll update on the release dates by the end of the week!
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