[RELEASED] Roads, Scaffolding and Boxes

Hi everyone!

The roads and scaffolding have been released. I have also dug up the old baseplate box people got with the Kickstarter in 2014 and re-released the Dungeon storage box.

Storage boxes

Baseplate Box

Small Dungeon Box

New Releases:



Brick Road 3 by 9 (Half Baseplate)      

Brick Road 3 by 3 (Quarter Baseplate)

Small items meant to make bigger things, I hope you guys will enjoy!

All the best,


3 Comments To "[RELEASED] Roads, Scaffolding and Boxes"

Tommy On 04.07.2016
Received the roads and scaffolding, they look great and work excellent, I also picked up river and bridge set they are amazing also, I'll send some pics of our game this weekend, I have a set up at the inn down by the river the Riverside inn Reply to this comment
Tommy On 29.05.2016
I find that the base plate storage boxes are invaluable, I ordered more , this is why I also ordered the dungeon storage box,if it turns out half as useful I'll be satisfied. AND CAN'T FORGET KEVIN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! ! Reply to this comment
Direbadger On 29.05.2016
Thank you Tommy :). I've had good responses on the Dungeon storage box and I use them myself. Also removed the force to Pound option due to the issues you had with it. I will do a news update about this later this week.
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