Hi Guys,My apologies for the long silence and lack of updates.A lot has happened at the end of 2016; I am currently unable to run any productions, so I had to disable the function to place any orders.I've also been flying back to the Netherlands frequently because my mother has become ill.Unfortunately the way things are looking at the moment I am unable to say when I will be able to take new orders again.I'm sorry...
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Brexit and the rate of the British Pound
Hi Guys,I just realized something; if the value of the British Pound keeps dropping people from the EU and US (and probably other countries as well), the prices of Direbadger products will drop as well. Since my costs mostly are bound to the Pound I suggest that if you are planning to buy some of my terrain, this could potentially offer you a nice discount.So besides the worries I have regarding Brexit, this could still be a nice opportunity for you guys.Estimated rate article here:>> Link <<..
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Release date 28th of May (B'day)
Dear adventurers,Here is some information and pictures of the upcoming releases on the 28th of May.Raise and bridge areas:Wooden scaffoldingOne set equals 8 x 1inch supports and 16 x 1inch plank covers.Spice up towns and road side encounters:3 by 9 square Stone RoadOne set of 3 by 9 will contain 3 half sized baseplate roads and 12 extra peanuts made to connect the roads.3 by 3 square Stone RoadOne set of 3 by 3 will contain 6 quarter sized baseplate roads and 12 extra peanuts made to connect the roads.These items will be released on the 28th of May on my birthday.Together with the release I wi..
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Roads and Scaffolding soon to be released
This month's items are roads and 'scaffolding'. It's a little preview. Official pictures will be put up in a few days.On another note; my birthday will be coming up soon and traditionally I would do something special like a giveaway. Since I don't produce things myself at the moment... Any idea's anyone?..
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The Best of Direbadger's User Photo's 2014-2015
I have been gathering some of the nicer photographs, send by you guys, into an album at Imgur in case people are interested. Currently the album holds the older pictures and I will make another Album once I have enough new photo's.If you would like me to feature your photo's in the gallery, or you just want make me smile, please send your photo's to Link: Album on Imgur ..
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Hi Everyone,I have always been transparent to you guys, so here's what has been going on today.Today I was confronted with all the hidden charges that come with dealing with multiple currencies.The short story is that I get charged a double fee (4% initial fee and then a another 4% per British Pound fee for the conversion), this happens before it even reached my bank account to pay the manufacturer, packaging, shipping etc. This is avoidable in two ways:  have a US, EUR and GBP Bank account, or switch to GBP (£).So here is what I did:I have converted all shop prices to GBP (£)Locked out t..
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*Release* Roadside Inn, Log Hut & Diagonal Walls
Greetings Adventurers,I am happy to announce that the Inn, Log Hut and 3 & 4 Inch Diagonal walls have been released!- The Inn will come with some newly made Beds, Mess Tables, Bar and a Spiral Staircase to reach the 1st floor.- The Log Hut comes with a square tiled roof and interchangeable with all the other 4 by 5 buildings. (Blacksmith, Tudor and Settler houses)- The 3" Diagonal Wallpack and the 4" Diagonal Wallpack come in sets of 4 and are pre-painted to match the existing dungeon pieces.For the newcomers, have a look at the existing set's, they are great to get started.I hope you..
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Re-opened! Free-Shipping at €100+ / £80,-
Come in! Grab a chair and have a brew!The Re-opening, free shipping and the release of the new Inn, Log Hut and Diagonal Walls.The Direbadger webshop is open for business once more. It's quite exciting and scary to re-open the store after such a long time. You might notice that some of the items are offline, this is because they are difficult to produce at the moment. Once I have sorted some things out I will put them back online.The Inn, Log Hut and Diagonal Walls will be released this week.I am thinking about releasing some custom furniture to go with the Inn. Like a bar, some other bed..
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New buildings
I am still sorting out shipping before we can go online, but here are some photo's of new buildings I would like to release soon. Can you guess what the larger building is? :)More soon.....
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About the re-opening of the webshop
This week I will be spending time at the manufacturer to finalize things regarding production. Once I have sorted out shipping I will re-open the webshop!I might do a pre-opening early this week. Next week I will release some new items. There will be 1 new item for the dungeon and at least 1 new item for the settlements.This week I will reveal the new items once I have been able to properly test them and feel confident they match the quality standard of the other products.All products will continue to be in 4mm, however I might release the more delicate items in 3.2mm in the near future. For ..
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