*Release* Roadside Inn, Log Hut & Diagonal Walls

Greetings Adventurers,

I am happy to announce that the Inn, Log Hut and 3 & 4 Inch Diagonal walls have been released!

- The Inn will come with some newly made Beds, Mess Tables, Bar and a Spiral Staircase to reach the 1st floor.

- The Log Hut comes with a square tiled roof and interchangeable with all the other 4 by 5 buildings. (Blacksmith, Tudor and Settler houses)

- The 3" Diagonal Wallpack and the 4" Diagonal Wallpack come in sets of 4 and are pre-painted to match the existing dungeon pieces.

For the newcomers, have a look at the existing set's, they are great to get started.

I hope you will all enjoy these new additions!

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