Check-out set to British Pounds

Hi Everyone,

I have always been transparent to you guys, so here's what has been going on today.

Today I was confronted with all the hidden charges that come with dealing with multiple currencies.
The short story is that I get charged a double fee (4% initial fee and then a another 4% per British Pound fee for the conversion), this happens before it even reached my bank account to pay the manufacturer, packaging, shipping etc. This is avoidable in two ways:  have a US, EUR and GBP Bank account, or switch to GBP (£).

So here is what I did:

  • I have converted all shop prices to GBP (£)
  • Locked out the check-out page to GBP (£) so you pay me in Pounds and Paypal does not double charge me with their exchange rate.
  • Locked the conversion rates in favor of the Euro and Dollar, to maintain reasonable prices.
  • By locking the conversion rate, EUR and USD Buy slightly cheaper and  I am covering for the exchange rate costs of your payment (which is considerably lower).

TL;DR Locked prices to the British Pounds to avoid being charged extra fees. Prices vs Exchange rate are locked to manually (So I adjust them).
Prices should stay the same for Europe and US for now.

2 Comments To "Check-out set to British Pounds"

Joakim On 06.05.2016
That sounds reasonable. I'm amazed that banks can still overcharge for a simple exchange. Must be easy money for them... Reply to this comment
Direbadger On 06.05.2016
In this case it's just Paypal charging me twice at 4%, which is not a big problem on small orders but on the bigger ones it takes a chunk out of the shipping I pay. As for banks; they are worse in the UK then in the Netherlands... But we all know by now that banks prefer taking your money :).
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