Brexit and the rate of the British Pound

Hi Guys,

I just realized something; if the value of the British Pound keeps dropping people from the EU and US (and probably other countries as well), the prices of Direbadger products will drop as well. Since my costs mostly are bound to the Pound I suggest that if you are planning to buy some of my terrain, this could potentially offer you a nice discount.

So besides the worries I have regarding Brexit, this could still be a nice opportunity for you guys.

Estimated rate article here:
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Tommy On 02.08.2016
Really have enjoyed the new inn and log cabins , the diagonal walls have been used for every underground expedition. The guys and myself thank you , can't wait for another large type building ( church / inn as large ) Maybe a lord or Barron's dwelling, even something that the monsters ( hill giant chieftain house and his clan dwellings ) just an idea or two , maybe other GMS / PLAYERS have some ideas on what they would like! !??!! Reply to this comment
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