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Hi Guys,

My apologies for the long silence and lack of updates.

A lot has happened at the end of 2016; 
I am currently unable to run any productions, so I had to disable the function to place any orders.
I've also been flying back to the Netherlands frequently because my mother has become ill.

Unfortunately the way things are looking at the moment I am unable to say when I will be able to take new orders again.

I'm sorry.

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Jamie Jeffers On 01.03.2017
I'm really sorry to hear that. You've made a wonderful thing here and we love our set. Thank you for making such a unique addition to our games. I hope one day you will be able to return to Dire Badger, but it speaks well of you that you're going home to care for your family. I hope your mother recovers soon, and thank you for building such a fantastic product. Reply to this comment
Direbadger On 01.03.2017
Thank you Jamie, I appreciate your kind words very much.
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