Good News!
Hi guys, good news! I am happy to say that I've found a company that will produce the terrain and can/will help me with a few other things I am unable to do at this point.I fully intend to buy a new laser cutter as soon as I am able to afford one, but in the mean time I'll have to make do with designing and testing in 3D, before I am able to actually hold a physical prototype. (see attached image, 3D prototype log hut).Currently I am adjusting all the existing products so they can be produced more efficiently and would fit future packaging. Also, I'm making adjustment's where I found that the ..
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Meanwhile at Direbadger (Recent months)
Hi everyone,It's difficult to give you guys a proper update about what has been going on the past few months. December up to April are busy months for terrain companies because of Christmas and fairs, so it's difficult for them to tell me with certainty what they can do for me.In the past few months I've met some great people in the industry that have been very kind and helpful. Also I've learned quite a few things regarding what might be better to do to proceed with Direbadger.Currently I can't give an estimate on when the web shop sales will be back online or when I'll be able to do a Kickst..
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A little news & webshop sales disabled.
Hi everyone, I hope you have had a lovely Christmas!The webshop sales part has been disabled for a little while now, but for the ones that missed it; production isn't possible right now.Currently I am reorganizing and have moved tot he UK to talk about the future of Direbadger.I hope to have new news in January.All the best,Kevin..
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What do you guys think?
What do you guys think of this texture and color? ;)..
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New Product: Dungeon Windows & Wallpacks
By popular demand we released wallpacks! Handy for people who don't want to buy another full set but are just a few walls short.We also included 2 and 3 inch walls with window's by popular demand. The new packs can be found under Dungeon Bits & Bobs..
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Photo's from a backer
Hi All, Slowly orders are leaving the building, we are getting faster and more efficient in our work and the pace is increasing. There's still a lot to do but we are seeing the fruit of our work, we received our first photo's from a backer. Funny that we never thought of putting the Baseplates like that. We always made a square and worked with that. We would like to thank the maker of the dungeon (and photo's) for sending them. It's really nice to see what others do with the terrain and we love to see more photo's of encounters from everyone. Funny that we never thought of putting th..
Earlybird Special Photo's
Hi All,A quick update here!Some of you picked an earlybird. We tried to make each gravestone have it's own character, we hope we succeeded. These will be included with all gravestones together with a bunch of various shaped blank ones.If you have any questions, comments please do tell us :). As usual we will also post this update on our Facebook page.The photo's:And here they are next to the Church.All the best and take care,Kevin & Sep..
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