Good News!
Hi guys, good news! I am happy to say that I've found a company that will produce the terrain and can/will help me with a few other things I am unable to do at this point.I fully intend to buy a new laser cutter as soon as I am able to afford one, but in the mean time I'll have to make do with designing and testing in 3D, before I am able to actually hold a physical prototype. (see attached image, 3D prototype log hut).Currently I am adjusting all the existing products so they can be produced more efficiently and would fit future packaging. Also, I'm making adjustment's where I found that the ..
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Meanwhile at Direbadger (Recent months)
Hi everyone,It's difficult to give you guys a proper update about what has been going on the past few months. December up to April are busy months for terrain companies because of Christmas and fairs, so it's difficult for them to tell me with certainty what they can do for me.In the past few months I've met some great people in the industry that have been very kind and helpful. Also I've learned quite a few things regarding what might be better to do to proceed with Direbadger.Currently I can't give an estimate on when the web shop sales will be back online or when I'll be able to do a Kickst..
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A little news & webshop sales disabled.
Hi everyone, I hope you have had a lovely Christmas!The webshop sales part has been disabled for a little while now, but for the ones that missed it; production isn't possible right now.Currently I am reorganizing and have moved tot he UK to talk about the future of Direbadger.I hope to have new news in January.All the best,Kevin..
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Hi Everyone,I am sorry it's been quiet for such a long while; It pains me to say this, Sep and I have stopped our collaboration and are going our separate ways.If you have placed a recent order, don't worry, I'll be sure to send it this week.Our separation means that things need to be split (legally) so I am currently looking into what's next. To continue Direbadger equipment is needed, so I have been reaching out to some companies in the UK to see what the options are.If you got any idea's or know someone that might be interested in the UK, please let me know.Worse case is that we will make o..
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What do you guys think?
What do you guys think of this texture and color? ;)..
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Website Update
Things might look a little different and I hope for the better.With our current plans in mind (KS'15) we thought it was a good idea to make our website more finished.As is, it will be a lot easier for us to add things to the website (maybe a user gallery?)..
Sneak peak at our next Kickstarter
It's been a while since we last posted an update; but for good reason. Around November we expect to launch our second Kickstarter!As we approach launch date we will start sharing more and more of what we are up too.Here is a little sneak peak at what's to come...
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New Product: Dungeon Windows & Wallpacks
By popular demand we released wallpacks! Handy for people who don't want to buy another full set but are just a few walls short.We also included 2 and 3 inch walls with window's by popular demand. The new packs can be found under Dungeon Bits & Bobs..
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New Product: Dungeon Storage Box
We are proud to announce that we released our first storage box.It's a sturdy stackable box that can hold one small dungeon set.Meaning, two boxes hold a Large Dungeon Set and four boxes hold an XL Dungeon Set The box can be found on this page:>> Storage Box Dungeon <<..
Kickstarter Completed!
Hello everyone, On the 7th of June we send off our last pledge, which concluded the Kickstarter and made it a success, minus delays. You would think we would have shouted it off the roofs, but the post Kickstarter orders where already waiting for us. So the moment kind of passed us by, but in hindsight, it's quite a big deal... We are DONE!! Now where is the champagne you might ask, well we just about reached the point where we might, possibly, be earning a little money but we feel it's too early for champagne. Some more good newsThe local council has had a neighborhood meeting which seems..
B-day, New Product & Important Postal Notice
Dear adventurers, Kevin's birthdayWhen I started with Direbadger it was because I love making the things we make and it's been too long since we have. Since today it's my birthday I wanted to release something new. We thought it would be appropriate, since we thought we would be long done by now, to release a prison add-on. Thank you for the suggestions!  We got some great suggestions, the pit Sam suggested works very well with what we already had planned. Sam we will send you a prison pit as a reward. Know that if we end up making something from the previously mentioned suggestions we ..
Meanwhile at Direbadger HQ...
Hi everyone,ProductionNothing to see here, move along... We are still on schedule (2-7 weeks).We did get 2 batches of wood that where unusable which we had to send back. So we got some wood from the local DIY store until our supplier is able to deliver us the right thickness.   Worldwide shipping via our webshopWe have found a way to reduce shipping costs outside of Europe! So all new purchases via our webshop are shipped at the same rate as Europe. This is due to some new tax and shipping arrangements.What else?Here are some more photo's, thank you Sam for sending them!Minis used: 1..
Going as planned
Hi Everyone, Last week's estimate is still on schedule, which means 4 to 9 weeks now. Things are looking good and lean towards the earlier then the later. So here are some great photo's send by our pledgers:   Thank you so very much to those who send us photo's. Every time we see new and creative ways to use our terrain, ways we didn't even think of before. All the best, Kevin..
An ETA & Further information
Hi everyone,We expect the final deliveries for our Kickstarter to be between 5 to 10 weeks. The major delays have been dealt with but there are always some small and unexpected delays. Hence the wide time frame.But when is my pledge done?If you would like an estimate on when your pledge is done and will be send out, please inquire with us personally. You can do this via contact@direbadger.com or Kickstarter.Postal delays in the United StatesWe have had some people contact us about the track and trace not showing the correct status of their package or that their package is very late. I've ..
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