Quick Update
Hi guys, super quick update; Soon we will do a larger and more in detail update. We have been very occupied with catching up on lost time and upped production by 40% because of some changes we made. We are making good speed and try to focus on production as much as possible; hence the lack of updates.The neighbors are still complaining and the environmental police has asked us to come up with a more permanent solution. Sep is currently working on a complicated and way more elaborate filter.Once the filter is done we should have no more interruptions or delays and then we should hopef..
Update on the filter and our new website.
Dear adventurers, Last time on...Since last time we have managed to pick up production again; slowed down every now and then because the filter would clog up with dust. The neighbors however, seem to be content for now but the problem is not yet solved.We came up with a new plan for the long run and acquired some lab filters to filter out the smell. For this we need to build a new frame and get a solution for the dust collection, otherwise we need to buy and change filters every few days. In the mean time, production keeps rolling and last week we send off our first huge order, one o..
Bad luck Brian strikes again
Hi Everyone, We had a couple of good production weeks and packages where leaving the building, Got some nice reply's and photo's (see last post) and had most of the "start-up glitches" solved. Things where looking good. Maybe too good......One day we where minding our own business, packing boxes and lasering some poor trees when an unknown creature entered the building. It was the legendary "inspector(CR4)". A fierce creature, bringing fear into the heart of any entrepreneur. The creatures around our base of operations where complaining about the smell of smoke and summoned the inspector ..
Photo's from a backer
Hi All, Slowly orders are leaving the building, we are getting faster and more efficient in our work and the pace is increasing. There's still a lot to do but we are seeing the fruit of our work, we received our first photo's from a backer. Funny that we never thought of putting the Baseplates like that. We always made a square and worked with that. We would like to thank the maker of the dungeon (and photo's) for sending them. It's really nice to see what others do with the terrain and we love to see more photo's of encounters from everyone. Funny that we never thought of putting th..
Under the weather
Not only wood is susceptible by the weather. Mister flu asked us for a fortitude save and guess what? We failed.... Sep has been in bed for almost 2 weeks and Kevin wasn't feeling well either so we did what we could from home. Work has been done on the web store and we are currently in negotiations for a settlement for the faulty wood we got. We feel much better now and can't wait to get started again tomorrow to get some more packages sent this week!  We'll send out mails when your pledge is sent or ready for pick-up and would love to hear from you how you received it and what you ..
ETA and Weather effects
Some of you have asked us for an ETA (Estimate time of arrival) of your pledges. Which is a most reasonable request so here is a rough estimate and the elements of delay. We think it will take 10 weeks from now to complete all the pledges. Unfortunately we have had some setbacks and are adapting as we progress. All in all we would be running on schedule if it was not for the delay of the laser cutter.Detailed more techy stuff:The random factors; To our utmost frustration the weather has a strong effect on the results that come out of the lasercutter. This is mostly due to the fact that our wor..
Earlybird Special Photo's
Hi All,A quick update here!Some of you picked an earlybird. We tried to make each gravestone have it's own character, we hope we succeeded. These will be included with all gravestones together with a bunch of various shaped blank ones.If you have any questions, comments please do tell us :). As usual we will also post this update on our Facebook page.The photo's:And here they are next to the Church.All the best and take care,Kevin & Sep..
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