Drawing: Log Hut


A definite upgrade from a tent and it blends well with the surroundings.

Requirements: 4mm or 1/8 Inch thick material. The material used in the picture is MDF, but any material can be used.
Notes: This build does not require glue to assemble.

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This Log Hut has a removable roof so the encounters can continue inside of the buildings.
It is stackable with the Tudor, Blacksmith and other Settler houses floors. To use it as a second floor an extra floor and wall are included.


The Log Hut includes:

  • all the pieces to make removable roof
  • 2 wall pieces (5 sq.)
  • 2 wall pieces (4 sq.)
  • 1 wall piece (5 sq.) with a door opening
  • 1 floor piece (4 x 5 sq.) with movement squares.
  • 2 ladders, to either get to the second floor or to get onto the roof.

(Baseplate not included)


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