Drawing: Roadside-Inn


The Roadside Inn is a place for adventurers to let their hair down, polish their gear, get drunk, talk nonsense, have a bar brawl and then sleep it off.

Requirements: 4mm or 1/8 Inch thick material. The material used in the picture is MDF, but any material can be used.
Notes: This build does not require glue to assemble.

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The Inn is one of the bigger buildings we make and it covers 8 by 7 squares/inches. (21.9cm by 19.1cm)

A Roadside Inn contains;

  •     1 x Ground floor with two entry doors.
  •     1 x 1st floor with a Balcony and 3 bedrooms (large, medium and small).
  •     2 x Roof pieces, one large and one small.
  •     3 x Picnic/Pub benches with tables.
  •     4 x New & slightly smaller beds.
  •     1 x 2 by 3 squares bar (1sq shorter then in the picture)
  •     1 x Spiral staircase to get to the second floor.
  •     12 x New wooden fences.

(Baseplates not included)


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