Drawing: Village Chapel


One of the first big constructions in a Settlement is a church, you can’t have a village without one. A place for worship and wisdom and a safe haven for the settlement.

Requirements: 4mm or 1/8 Inch thick material. The material used in the picture is MDF, but any material can be used.
Notes: This build does not require glue to assemble.


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The settlement church has a high removable roof, decorative windows and a large(over 24cm or 9.5″) tower. The tower floors stack on top of each other and can be combined with other settlement ¬†towers to create even higher buildings. Towers are great for encounters on multiple levels at the same time.


The Village Chapel contains:

  • 1 main worship building ( 5 x 7 sq)
  • 1 tower ( 3 x 3 sq) playing surface and is 4 floors high
  • 8 benches

(Baseplates not included)


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